Friday, October 28, 2005

ivisit (lite) Free Synchronous Technology

Always one to try out "free" technology, I downloaded ivisit(lite) at It is a free real- time video conferencing technology that includes voice calls, instant messaging, filesharing and web co-browsing. As their web site touts, you can:
  • Interact privately 1:1, in 8 way videoconference rooms, 100 party channels or with iVisit Plus up to 15 others,
  • Video conference, audio call, message and collaborate across both Windows and Mac platforms,
  • Share pictures, videos, music, Powerpoint® presentations or any file format during voice calls or video conferences,
  • Offer affordable video conferencing to your team, business, school or community

I'll keep testing it out and keep you posted . . .

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J Tzanis said...

Thanks for this! I haven't seen this before