Friday, October 21, 2005

Furl vs.

In the past day, I have tried both Furl and While I am certainly no expert in this limited trial, so far I prefer Furl. It has great functionality (however, in most cases so does However, I took to Furl quicker than (plus it is a pain in the *** to have to type the name in this blog, so from here on out it is "d" for short). Here is a short list of my observations about Furl:
  • Quick link from tool bar (same as d)
  • Ability to categorize (appears easier and more robust than d)
  • Ability to set up RSS to your links (better than d?)
  • Ability to add list of links to web site (did try it on d?)
  • Great layout (d was "clunky" to me)
  • Link sharing (haven't tried d to compare)


Dr. Nelson Diaz said...

I was also very impressed with Furl, didn't care much for I actually downloaded there toolbar and started furling. I liked the fact that it allows you to make comments on material saved and also the ease in retrieving information. I guess I won't be using Favorites or Bookmark anymore.

J Tzanis said...

I'm with both you and Nelson about both Furl and ... and think about the fact that you can have your students "subscribe" to your Furl feeds - what a lot of potential!

JIndelicato16 said...

Well - so far we are unanimous on Furl. In my opinion from aesthetics straight through functionality it seems to be a better tool.

CheShA said...

Something worth noting is that adds the "nofollow" property to your tagged links whereas Furl (currently) does not. So by tagging things in Furl you are actually promoting the site you like by helping the site's ranking in search engines; with you are not.